What does this program do?

The program helps children overcome all sorts of difficulties through learning skills.

Who can use it?

It can be used by parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists... by anyone who wants to help children learn skills or overcome difficulties.

What method is it based on?

The program is based on solution-focused psychology - more specifically on the method called Kids' Skills,.

How do I get started?

Once you are registered and logged in, you can start creating websites for children. To get the hang of it, you should browse through the Tour, or watch the 10 minute Youtube-video where Dr. Ben Furman explains how the program works.

Is it confidential?

The children's websites are password-protected. They can only be accessed by you and people who are invited to support the child.

How much does it cost?

You pay a one-time fee for each child who has a website in the program. The price is 15 Euros per child.


Created by: Ben Furman, psychiatrist and co-director of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.
Produced by: Lighthouse Resources, Australia.
Programming: Platinummedia.